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AllGray by Sarai-the-Geek
Now that Crunchbang is half in the ground, I decided to try my hand at some new distros. I've decided that while I like the idea of Arch Linux in concept, I'm too lazy to survive with it in the long run. I even tried ArchBang but the install script borked my hard drive (thanks, guys!). So now I'm trying out Manjaro and you know what, I kind of like it. I could run Openbox on it if I wanted but I think XFCE has seduced me with her womanly curves and easy configuration. xfwm actually feels like the next evolution of openbox and that's pretty cool since I'm starting to wonder if openbox is half in the ground too.

And so it is that AllGray for Openbox simply becomes AllGray, now with support for both xfwm and Openbox along with a brand new and much better matching xfce4-notify theme. The flat gray theme you love, now with the panache of a curved title-bar. High contrast version still included.

Enjoy, and please don't send me hate mail, Openbox loyalists.
ACYL Icons for AllGray by Sarai-the-Geek
ACYL Icons for AllGray
I am quite sad to learn of the "end" of Crunchbang- it's been my favorite linux OS for years now and it's really the only OS I feel so comfortable on that I can stop tinkering and just WORK. I have to say with all the homework piling up around me (p.s. anyone want to write a paper about intrauterine transfusion?) that is such a blessing.

That said, the spirit of #! will live on. I am curious to see what the community will come up with- which brings me to this icon set. I was contacted by a fellow member of the #! forums for permission to use AllGray for Openbox in a distro (s)he is making based on #!. Quite flattering!

The way that the ACYL icons were packaged by noobslab made it difficult to package them into a distro. They also aren't fully compatible with lxappearance and other non-gnome environments. If you're using one of those and want to recreate the appearance in my screenshots you might be better served using this icon set. Of course the tradeoff is that they're no longer customizable. Have fun!
Steel Conky by Sarai-the-Geek
Steel Conky
Steel Conky is a simple monochromatic conky setup designed to match my AllGray Openbox and GTK themes. It works best with light backgrounds.

It's based on Cowon Conky and uses the Aller font, which is included.

I hope you enjoy it!
11 November 2014 Screenshot by Sarai-the-Geek
11 November 2014 Screenshot
It's been literally four years since I logged onto deviantart but I got it in my mind today that I ought to. I'd been too busy with school of late to dedicate too much energy to theming and such. BUT, I graduated this summer and all of a sudden even working full time I have more time than I could possibly know what to do with. It's also ungodly cold outside and I'd rather die than move from this spot by the fireplace.

So have a screenshot. I'm on crunchbang waldorf these days, a fully fledged married college-educated gainfully-employed contemplating-motherhood person and I still enjoy taking pictures of my computer desktop and sharing it with other people. What an odd world we live in.

Thank you amiegirl17 for your lovely COMPLETELY SAFE FOR WORK fanart that graces my background, (as seen here: Fullmetal and Flame) you have no idea the THINGS I have seen while looking for it. Things that can't be unseen. Incestuous things. That is all that will be said about that. You are awesome amiegirl17 so keep rocking it.

The gtk theme is a modification of Elegant Brit and the openbox theme is a modification of Moka. The conky is a modification of Cowon Conky. I really like modifying things. 

I like the way things look right this sec and if there is interest, I would be willing to package it all up as a theme. I am tentatively calling it AllGray and as noted above I can take barely any credit for it at all.

Thank you for reading this jumbled rambling page and I hope you have a lovely day.


United States
Medical laboratory technician by night, mostly confused by day.

Current location: by the fireplace
Should be: writing a paper
Is actually: sleeping

I can't figure out if I should check that I am an artist or not. It seems pretentious. Maybe I'd better just go back to bed.

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